A modern API for WordPress.

Silk is a library for working with WordPress in a modern, object-oriented way. Designed with the developer in mind, it gives you the tools to get things done efficiently and elegantly.

Who is Silk For?

Silk is designed for developers who are building on top of WordPress who wish to take advantage of the benefits of an object-oriented approach, without having to rewrite the same foundational code for every project.

Why Silk?

The core of WordPress is based on functions and maintains strong backwards-compatibility wherever possible. That’s been great for adoption of the platform, but has left developers to their own devices for those who want to develop applications using a more modern approach.

Largely inspired by Laravel (unquestionably one of the most-used and highly-regarded PHP MVC frameworks), Silk is built for modern-day PHP, using current features of the language to provide the best possible experience for developers, while integrating seamlessly with everything else that’s meant to work with WordPress.

Silk in Modern Web Development

In many ways, the future of the web (and WordPress) is JavaScript, however PHP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The rapid adoption of front-end frameworks like React has shown that server-side rendering of templates will soon go the way of the dodo for non-trivial applications. By no means has server-side code become obsolete though.

In a web development landscape becoming ever-more dominated by JavaScript, Silk is still relevant for any WordPress-driven site.

Raising the Bar: Pretty High

Silk has a very high standard for code quality. The project has 100% test coverage, and is committed to maintaining that as it grows.

Silk also leverages CI integrations like Scrutinizer and Nitpick to make sure that it meets the highest standards available for code quality analysis, as well as adherence to the PSR-2 coding standard.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Silk is free and open-source under the MIT License.

Do I Have Your Attention Now?

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